Welcome to Middle School ELA and 8th Grade Social Studies

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Welcome to Ms. Verling's Classroom
Middle School ELA, 8th Grade SS, and 8th Grade Writers' Workshop


Welcome to middle school ELA and 8th grade social studies. My name is Allison Verling, and I love teaching at Williams Academy. I have a BA from Appalachian State University in English Language Arts as well as a graduate certification in Teaching Middle and Secondary School with a concentration in English Language Arts. My previous work includes working at a K-8 school in Boone, NC and owning multiple creative businesses there from 1998-2014. I love teaching and learning from kids about ELA, social awareness, history, politics, the environment, and especially empowering them through their own writing. I have 4 children myself, and helping other children is a gift to me as well as them. Every day I am excited to interact and watch our students grow through interdisciplinary learning, engagement with the greater world, and introspection.


Allison Verling

Allison Verling


Class Schedule

7:55-9:05  7th Grade ELA

9:05-10:20 6th Grade ELA

11:20-12:00 8th Grade Social Studies

12:40-1:40 8th Grade ELA

1:40-2:20 8th Grade Writers' Workshop

2:20-3:00 Community Outreach